Shipbuilding - Agility

Tacking represents the amount of times your vessel can change direction in a given turn. It is fully explained here. A number of factors affect how much (or rather how little) agility a ship has. Each vessel starts with a base tacking score, based on size.

Size Category Base Tacking
SB 10
LB 10
SS 8
MS 8
LS 6
GS 6

Certain features of your vessel take from it’s base tacking. Every item in this list removes 1 tacking.

-1 for every 10 ft of draft

-1 for each extra mast beyond stock

-1 for every 2 pieces of equipped armor

-1 for a full hold

-1 for every 10 ft of towed vessel draft

-1 for mounting a ram



Shipbuilding - Agility

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