Jillian Windstar

A halfling druid raised by elves known prominently for her naive overly trusting nature


Note: I got bored and went a lil crazy :)

Life in the Haven

In the haven, Jillian had always lived a quiet life. Orphaned there when she was just a babe, the halfling girl grew up under the watchful eyes of the Great Elder. She was happy there, no one ever questioned her place among the elven tribe despite her racial difference. It was there she learned the magic of the forest and how to speak the language of Elhonna’s messengers, the dragons.

Occasionally, Jill would dream of the world outside the elders said was tainted, and wondered who her parents were and where she had come from. Outsiders were never allowed near the haven, and the Elders only told a tale that she had been found in the woods, abandoned. However, no matter how much she desired to see the outside, she couldn’t imagine leaving the comfort of the haven.

Bonding with the Guardian

Jillian was 25 when she came of age and was allowed to make her pilgrimage to the sacred field in order to discover her guardian spirit. As she journeyed, she dreamed what companion she would forever have by her side. Some of her friends had badgers, others stags and the great elder himself had a giant eagle whose constant watch protected the haven. She knew though, you couldn’t decide your companion, Elhonna would choose the one to help you the most.

For days she sat in the forest and prayed, and began to wonder if Elhonna refused her because she was an outsider. In the early hours of the 14th day only the brightest star shone through heavy storm clouds, a shadow darker then the night limped slowly into the clearing towards her.

As it grew closer, Jill made out a grizzled young wolf with fresh wounds all over his body. Her breath catching, she knew he was her guardian. She healed the lone wolf’s wounds, and began to wonder how a battle toughened beast with no pack or home would help her. However, it didn’t matter, he was now her brother and she accepted Elhonna’s decision and headed back to the haven. As she returned to the tribe a woman, she had to announce her companion’s name. Looking carefully at her new friend, she noted his fur was as dark as night, and his eyes shone as bright as the lonely star that had held true. She named him Sirius.

The Ambush

Five uneventful years passed as Jillian worked on her bond with Sirius. Everything was as it should be with the exception of news that Drow had entered their forest. Intruders to the forest was not new, although they were normally humans, and Jill didn’t pay attention when the some of the Elders came back saying the Drow had refused to leave. She was disappointed, she was only a novice and could not go with the hunters to “convince” the outsiders to leave.

The next morning, Jillian was watching the children, entertaining them with making flowers appear when the screams first reached her. Ileya, her good friend, ran to her from the direction of the screaming, telling her that the haven was under attack. Telling Ileya to hide the children, Jillian gathered Sirius and went towards the battle, her scimitar in hand.

As she hit the main part of the fight, she stopped and stared at the horror before her. Hundreds of Drow were flowing into the clearing, ruthlessly killing her people. The tribe tried to fight back, but other than the hunters, they never learned how to bring death. Jill watched as the Drow easily carved through them deeper into the haven.

Suddenly, Sirius lunged from behind her, catching a Drow in the throat right before he could bring his blade down upon her. Jill’s horrified trance was broken, she joined the frey, using everything she learned to fight the enemy before her. Thorny brambles rose from the ground at her command entangling her enemies. Fire erupted from her hands setting the Drow aflame, while Sirius mauled any that came too close to her.

The fight seemed to last for eternity, and the Drow had not faltered. They came at her more often now, to many for Sirius to take care of on his own. Jillian forgot her magic and started to cut them down with her blade. Every building was on fire now, and she saw more dead elves then the ones still fighting. Nothing made sense. How had the Drow found their haven, why were they attacking?

A yelp to her right made Jillian flip around. Sirius collapsed as a female Drow stuck a spear in his flank. Before Jill could take a step to save him, a sharp pain hit her side. She stumbled, falling to her knees. Her attacker walked calmly around her and crouched down to look her in the face. The man smiled sinisterly as she fought the fog that crept into her vision. She focused on him, wishing she had the strength to raise her sword.

“So pathetic” he spat watching her. The woman that had attacked Sirius appeared by his side and bowed.

“Master Jikaar’ ki, there are children in the back should we disposed of them as well?” The Drow leader’s wicked smile widened. Still staring into Jill’s eyes, he nodded. Jillian’s world went black.

The Hunt Begins

Dreams filled her mind…Elves dying…Being dragged roughly through the woods…Pain, so much pain…children slaughtered…A warm licking…More pain…Always pain…the great elder’s head on a stick…A warm furry bed…Finally she opened her eyes.

Jill was disoriented, her side burned and she felt freezing cold. Suddenly the truth came back to her… the ambush, Jikarr, dieing…. and yet she wasn’t dead. Black fur tainted red surrounded her. She cried out when it shivered. Sirius picked his head up and looked down at her questioningly. He had cradled her like a pup, keeping her alive with his warmth. Jill’s vision started to fog again, and she began to panic. Quickly she cast a heal spell on her wound. Instantly the infection was gone but a tender scar replaced the gouge; it was too old to heal fully even by magic. She gently did the same to the wolf who began to lick her face like an excited puppy. She hugged him.

“Thank you my friend.” She whispered into his scruff. Pulling away tears filled her eyes, “we need to go back.” As if understanding, Sirius got up and began to lead her through the woods. They had not been far, but well hidden, and even though she was exhausted, Jill kept her pace. She had to see, someone had to be okay. Nothing could kill the Great Elder. When she hit the clearing of the haven, she vomited.

The smell had not gotten too far, but the scavengers had already begun to prey upon the bodies of the dead. Jillian looked accusingly at Sirius, but shook her head, she couldn’t believe he would prey on her family. Slowly she stumbled through the haven, careful not to call out. She knew from her hunting skills it had only been three days after the attack, the enemy could still be there. She was too weak to fight a single Drow, but she could always hide. She wandered about until she finally saw him. The Great Elder. Half of his face had been torn by the carrion-eaters and his eyes were vast empty pits.

Jill collapsed at his side and screamed. Everyone was gone, and yet she survived. The outsider, she cursed Elhonna. She shouldn’t have survived, she wanted the goddess to take her instead and bring the others back. Unaware to the time passing, she sat there crying. She was lost, her entire world was charred remains of buildings and rotting bodies. Sirius nudged her and she stared blankly at him. Blinking she realized he had come to her lost and wounded. She always assumed he was an outsider like herself, but now she wondered if he too had lost his pack in some senseless violence.

“I am not alone,” she said quietly to the golden eyes, “I have my guardian brother. And I am not lost. I am huntress and I have prey to stalk.” Jikarr’ki’s face burned in her head. Turning back to the Great Elder, she carefully removed a few blood-stained feathers from his hair. She tied two behind Sirius’ ear, one for his brave battle and one for saving her life. She tied one in her hair for fighting to defend, but the other she placed carefully in a pouch. She would earn that when she found Jikarr’ki and revenged the death of her people.



Jillian Windstar

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