Dwarven mercenary


“I am a simlpe dwarf with simple tastes. I enjoy drinking, singing the praises of Hanseth and killing big things with my axes.” Dalring is any average size dwarf brown skin and dark brown hair. He enjoys the two things his diety is known for: drinking and fighting.


I am Dalring, the second child and only son of a family with a rich tradition of jewlers. It was decided for me that I would follow in the foot steps of my father and forefathers, so I was taught all I would need to know about the craft. I never wanted to follow the trade when I grew up.

I became conscripted into the military and found that military life suited me just fine. I found myself fighting at a subterrain border post under contsant threat of abberation attack, and soon learned how to kill the fuckers quickly.

After service, I became lost in the dulldrums of the daily bullshit of society. Only in the “Temple of Hanseath” was I able to find purpose. So, I became a mercenary. I’ve spent time as a caravan guard, and an axe for hire, always following my mantra. “Go out. Kill something. Get paid. Drink the night away. Repeat.”

Recently, as a caravan guard travelling in Isric Islar, I was hired on as a body guard for Ealswith, an elf who has some coin to spend and a need for protection.


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