The Land of Corra

Archipelagic Pursuit

Session 27 by Anderson2

Njord’s Blessing was sandwiched between two Wherrian vessels. The ship to port was a two masted sloop with two ballistae per side, while to starboard was a large galleon with more equalizers than would be needed to end this fight quickly. The main party was tired and had used most of their spells after slaying the werewolf, Aldo shouted out “The werewolf is slain, all able men on deck if we are to escape with our lives!” He skillfuly slipped Njord’s Blessing into an archipelago, as he tried to avoid a costly battle. The galleon, unable to follow, turned and sailed off, while the sloop pursued.

The sloop turned and and fired a broadside against Njord’s Blessing. Two bolts sank into the hull. Aldo maneuvered for a volly, Sturla and Solvi returned fire before they went to man the aft ballista. A second volly from the sloop ended with one bolt sailing over the ship, and one hitting the stern hull. Afterward, the enemy ship was close enough to grapple Njord’s Blessing. Aldo surveyed the enemy. At this point a fight was inevitable. He counted ten enemy sailors and their orc captain. Orc archers fired on Solvi and Aldo, Aldo orders point blank shot, then the enemies boarded.

Targ casted obscuring mist, to hinder the archers. The crew tried to beat back the attackers, cut the hooks, in an attempt to escape. But, the enemy cast more hooks and sent everyone at our heros. The ferocity of the battle that ensued was massive, and grew with each second that passed. At the climax, the enemy ship inexplicably exploded at the waterline. The enemy captain ordered one last push to try and take Njord’s Blessing, which epicly failed. Aldo offered the survivors a chance to join crew. Those who wouldn’t join would get dropped off once they got to port. Fim, a Ruhnaheim dwarf, accepted the offer to join, as long as they stayed away from Ruhnaheim. Kor, a human warrior, declined. Aldo asked Kor why Wherry was suddenly so aggressive, and learned that Wherry asked Ryelle for an alliance, and Ryelle declined.

Targ spotted two survivors floundering in the water. Aldo was lowered by a rope to rescue them. Targ wildshaped into a dolphin to help, and once both were on board he left to scout the surrounding waters.

One of the survivors was an unconsious human male, the other, a wild elf female. She had a small cat that clung desperately to her soaked rags. She introduced herself as Janiira, and told her escape story. She said there were others below deck that were captured in the blockade that did not survive. Aldo soon realized that she was a sorceress and recruited her for the upcoming trip into the underdark.

Targ came back with reports of clear waters for miles around. The crew did some quick carpentry, and bilging, then rested their very very weary bones. they slept from dawn to noon before plans were made to abandon Solvi’s armor search, and head back to Walgrims Cliffs.



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