The Land of Corra


The tale begins...

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The Privateer Cuttlefish has sailed far and wide across the perilous seas of Corra, seeking the enemies of her king. She is a Tusmin Brig, rated at 390 tons, with 3 heavy ballistae gracing her port and starboard. With a crew of 80 or more, she makes frequent stops along the coasts of Corra recruiting brave, savvy, or stupid jobbers to fill the gaps left by unfortunate crewmen.

Most privateering vessels make fairly frequent stops at Nïmdum, with the hopes of recruiting a Seacliff Dwarf. Most dwarf find ships distasteful, but the seacliffs adore them. Having a seacliff aboard is having the security of a stout dwarf, with all the ability and passion of the greatest of sea men. One such saltbeard decided his fate lay aboard the Cuttlefish, and answered her jobbers call.

The Jade Curtain

PV Cuttlefish is one of the very few ships permitted to travel beyond the Jade Curtain, a mysterious barrier that isolates the continent of Zhou from the rest of the world. On her way back home from her stay in Minato Kenkai, a mysterious Flind boarded her for reasons known only to himself. Though a distinct relative of the gnoll, this flind does not seem as savage as his cousin… or less deadly.

The coasts of Muogamarrah teem with vessels. The waters here are thick with pirates, meaning any merchant vessel had better be prepared for a fight. It also means that any well armed privateer vessel can make a decent living if their captain is savvy enough. It is here, in Tapur, that a Whisper Gnome negotiated a contract for a stint at sea with the Cuttlefish.

The fates of these three will be inexplicably entwined into one, in a way that none of them can yet imagine. These unlikely companions will face untold challenges as their destiny unfolds. Will they survive to fulfill it?





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