So You Want to be a Sailor

The sound of waves crashing upon hull of The Scarlet Duchess as she cuts through the high sea current is a symphony to your ears. The smell of salt on your foam flecked beard tells you you’re home. You are a sailor. As far as you are concerned, you were born on the high seas. And with any kind of luck you will die here as well. So it stands to reason that you should know a thing or two about life at sea, vessels and their capabilities, and other general nautical knowhow.

What follows is to be considered assumed knowledge of anyone who has dedicated as much of his life to his cruel mistress as you.

Port Commerce
Discovered Vessels
Minimum Crew Requirements
Nautical Skills and Feats
Naval Combat
Recreation at Sea
The Ship Sheet
Vessel Size Categories
Wind Speed Table


So You Want to be a Sailor

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