Shipbuilding - Frames

Rarity Material SHP Mod Cost/Ton Description Special Properties
Common Bone x0.5 20g Marine fish and mammal bones have been supporting hulls since the dark ages. None
Common Wood x1.0 40g Hardwood beams from Corra’s lush forests. None
Uncommon Ironwood x1.25 80g Alchemical solution makes common hardwood tough as nails. Can upgrade an existing wood frame for 40g/ton.
Rare Darkwood x1.5 200g The hardest of natural hardwoods, a very desirable material. Will not soak up ironwood solution.
Uncommon ? x2.0 ? ? ?
Rare ? x2.0 ? ? ?
Common Iron x2.0 360g Iron is the most commonly used metal in Corra. It works on a ship as well as anywhere else. None
Very Rare ? x2.5 ? ? ?
Very Rare ? x2.0 ? ? ?
Legendary ? ? ? ? ?

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Shipbuilding - Frames

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