The Sandwalker is an Arabiyyan beast of legend, rumored to be the earthbound servant of the moon god Hubal. It is said to resemble a giant scorpion, plated with natural chitinous armor, and sporting rending claws and a poisonous tail. It is depicted as having a long armored neck, topped with an almost bird-like head. It’s mouth is a horrible beak, and sharp spines cover it’s head and neck ridge.


The actual existence of the creature remains the topic of some debate among Arabiyyan scholars, but a few adventurers claim to have seen it with their own eyes. Among those, are the mad hermit Jareef Sulani, The whisper gnome sea captain known as Aldo Lightfoot, and a glacier dwarf named Solvi Mithrilfist, cleric of Thor. Unfortunately, with no proof, the fevered dreams of madmen and the tall tales of sailors do little to convince the scholastic of Corra.

More credence is given to the legend by the religious of the Nasim-ul-Ghani region. Being a religious figure, the sandwalker is honored not only by adherents of Hubal, but also the devotees of other astronomical deities native to Al Arabiyya. Sacrifices are often prepared for the sandwalker by followers of Hubal, and such sacrifice is believed to keep the beast away from the borders of civilization.

Although divine in origin, and almost certainly immortal, the sandwalker is said to have all of the carnal desires of any unintelligent beast. It grows hungry like any living thing. Ancient legend tells that the sandwalker’s favorite food is camel, but the disappearance of many different animal species have been attributed to it. It is said that it grows tired as well, retreating to it’s lair each morning to rest,and rising again when the sun is once again low on the sands. Many attempts over the years have been made by intrepid (and/or foolish) adventurers to find the beast’s lair. None have ever been reported to have returned.


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