Port Authority

The Port Authority is the common name given to the entity that is in charge of enforcing law in a given port. They are often a separate force from the local guard, and their jurisdiction is limited to the port and surrounding waters. They have their own chain of command, at the top of which is the harbormaster. The port authority is typically better trained and more skilled than the local guard, and their combat prowess often rivals that of the military. As a result, they are better equipped as well. This veterancy is essential, as the port authority are much more likely to encounter hostile situations involving highly skilled combatants than the local guard.

The Port Authority Office is usually located centrally, regardless of the port, on a main road with direct access to the local guard barracks or castle. There is a brig inside the office to temporarily house miscreants and ruffians before processing them with the guard or deporting them.

Example Chain of Command: Gresden
(Lowest Rank to Highest)

Junior Recruit
Pier Enforcer
Port Captain
Port Commander

Port Authority

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