Muogamarrah is an island continent that lies to the south of Four Kingdoms, in the western half of Corra. It is a land without kingdoms, fiefdoms, or empires. The people here live in independent city-states, most of which are bound by treaty in a confederation created to keep the peace, regulate naval trade, and enforce fair trade practices. Muogamarrah’s position in the south lends it a very warm and dry climate. Most of the cities and villages are found on the coasts, as much of the island is covered in badlands or desert, keeping any habitation from occurring inland. Although a few races call the savage wastes of this continent home, such as the Bhuka, the Scablands Half-orcs, and the Painted Elves.

Muogamarrah is widely considered to be the birthplace of the nautical industry. Although the first wind powered ships of the current age were developed in the Kemetic region of Al Arabiyya, the nautical industry attached to sailing started here. When trans-continental sailing became a reality, merchants piled their goods into the largest vessels possible. These vessels were very sluggish, but stable under heavy wind and violent storm. It wasn’t long before the first pirates descended upon these hulking, floating, gold piles. Then began the technology race, as merchants armed their ships, and kingdoms created navies to police the trade routes. Pirate ships became swifter, and more maneuverable, so merchant galleons and navy frigates were developed to compete. This is the way the nautical industry was formed. Eventually, the vessels of law had high seas piracy under control (for the most part), but the fun didn’t have to end there.

With piracy down, the newly independent city-states of Muogamarrah had massive stockpiles of warships, but few worthy enemies. Upkeep on these vessels was a nightmare, so the powers that be at the time decided to ‘use up old ordinance,’ as it were. Muogammaran waters absolutely erupted as many city states attempted to expand by naval force, and were met with force in kind. The bays were muddied red with blood in those years, and the resulting naval battles laid waste to years of stockpiled vessels, and few real victories were had by anyone. But now with the seas free to roam upon once more. Pirates took to the them, preying on fat merchants, and again made life miserable for many high seas traders and undefended ports.

Early success in this new age of piracy meant that the offenders had fast, capable ships. Individually, the city-states of Muogamarrah could do little to defeat their oppressors. Gold was once more being poured into naval research and ship production, but with ports being regularly ransacked, and raw material transport vessels raided, The process was quite slow. It would seem the pirates were staged for victory. They were winning a war of attrition, and if things continued the way they were, the whole of Muogamarrah would be a pirate haven, instead of just Tupelo. The leaders of each city-state had a conference, knowing that something had to be done. The conference mingled many former foes withone another, and the taste of battle was still bitter in many mouths. But in the end, the major city-states of Muogamarrah drafted and signed a treaty. The treaty bound them into the confederation as it exists today, The Muogamarran Confederacy of City-States.

The terms of this treaty were not accepted by all, and a few city rulers rejected the terms, leaving the conference. The ones that accepted were bound into a mutually beneficial alliance that shared resources and stimulated production until a time when the pirate threat was passed. After which, the confederation remained intact for future threats, but the sharing of resources ended.


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