Four Kingdoms

Four Kingdoms is the name given to the collective monarchies of Issyc, Drodund, Talonis, and Gresden. It also is used to describe the continent that these countries occupy, which is located centrally on the western side of Corra. It shares a border with the continent of Al Arabiyya to the north, connected via isthmus. The border lies on the southern end of the isthmus, effectively making it and the canal that carves it in half part of al Arabiyya.

Four Kingdoms was first settled by the descendants of Drodund royalty, and the now decayed Castlerock was the first castle to be built by men there. The settlers were migrants and explorers who came from the Old Kingdom about 40 years before it’s fall.

There are a great many varied geographical features to be found in Four Kingdoms, including Lymbarr Desert in the southeast, Talon Jungle in the northwest, and Drodund Volcano in the Hot Hills. There are 5 mountain ranges which cut through the landscape. The continent is also layered with a few natural bogs and wetlands, most notably the sizable Central Lowlands which surrounds Lake Eyesore in the center of the continent, and Malfour Marsh in eastern Talonis. These geographic landmarks are all tied together by the temperate woodlands and lightly wooded plain that make up the bulk of untamed land.



Four Kingdoms

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