Corra is a verdant landscape absolutely teeming with life. It is the name given by the ancients to the land they inhabited, and is what the entirety of known, explored territory is collectively called. In common it is pronounced “KOR-ah”, and of the other languages and dialects it is pronounced largely the same, with only slight variations and nuances from language to language. For example; in Dwarven it is pronounced “KOR-dah”, in Elven “KWAR-ren”, and in the Orc tongue “KOR- duk”. The halfing language spells and pronounces Corra exacly as it is in common, and it is speculated by scholars that the name is historically Halfling. One such arguement draws parralels between the spelling of Corra and the Halfling god, Correlan Larethian. However, there exsists no hard evidence to prove the name’s origin, so any such arguements are purely wild speculation.

Corra is comprised of 6 landmasses or continents, two of which are connected via isthmus. The continents are known in common as Four Kingdoms, Old Kingdom, Al Arabiyya (awl ar-rab-EYE-ya), Muogamarrah (MU-oh-gah-MAR-rah), Zhou (JOE), and Gunnbjorn (GOON-byorn). It is estimated that of the known lands, approximately 50% have been civilized, and an additional 30% uncivilized but otherwise fully explored. This leaves approximately 20% of terrestrial features unexplored.




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