Core System Changes

Gaming in the Land of Corra might be a little different than what you are used to. While many of the core values of the 3.5 system remain in place, there are also some subtle, and not so subtle changes.

1. Pathfinder Rules
I am not yet ready to embrace the Pathfinder system as a whole, but there are some aspects that I really like. The following rule changes from the Pathfinder rulebook, are also present in my game.

  • Instead of a character embracing death at -10 HP, he/she will remain breathing until he reaches his negative constitution score. (i.e. If your con is 9, then you are dead at -9. If it is 14, then you die at -14.)
  • The (modified) pathfinder rules for Sanity will be implemented
  • Any additional pathfinder rules added later will be listed here

2. Resting to regain health
Instead of the standard 2 hp per level per hour, non magical healing is handled this way:

  • If a character gets a full 8 hours rest in a safe place (inn, safehouse, friendly ship), they roll one hit die from their current class, and add their constitution modifier. That means multiclass characters use the hit die of the last class leveled.
  • If a character gets a full 8 hours rest in a dangerous place (forest, dungeon, volcano), they roll the current hit die + con, divided in half. That’s (roll+con)/2, and not (roll/2)+con.

3. Ships and Naval Combat
I have a unique homebrew system for ship combat. I felt that the ‘treat ships as colossal monsters’ system was lacking in it’s simplicity. I couldn’t find a 3.5 compatible system that suited my needs, so I made my own. I worked really hard on this system, and while it is a bit more time consuming than the system it replaced, I feel it will really expand the tactical options in naval combat. It allows for ships to be upgraded with various armors and magic spewing batteries, and allows players the option of targeting specific crew on enemy ships. It is a work in progress, and is being tested by the current group. For complete rules, check out one of these pages:
Naval Combat
So You Want to be a Sailor

4. Update 110517: Spell Cards
I have devised an answer to what I have noted as an issue that has been consistently slowing down our combat events. This issue is spellcasting. Lack of secondary spell statistics close at hand has led to frequent handbook digging sessions, often interrupting the flow of combat. I believe that 2/3rds of this party will celebrate this change. The remaining third will at least think it’s a good idea.

If your character is a spellcaster, you will have one or more 9 slot card display sheets in your character’s binder. You you get a number of sheets equal to how many spells you can cast. When you memorize/meditate/pray to learn spells, you will look through the spell-binder for your class. This book is filled with every spell from the 3.5 System Resource Document, in card form. They are held in card display sheets, and ordered alphabetically and by spell level. Choose your spells from this book (according to your spells per day), and fill the available slots in your character binder. If you are replacing spells you no longer want, please put them back in the spell binder where they belong.

These cards have every detail of every spell in the core game, in diminutive font, on the front and back of each. If both sides of the card are not filled with text, you may use the remaining space for notes, or circumstantial rules. No longer will you need to search through every spell to find the one you need details for. You will only have to look through the spells you currently have prepared.

If you have found an official spell in a supplement or dragon magazine that is not in this book, make a placeholder for the spell and use it in place of a card. Then supply me the official statistics, and I will make a card for the spell. (Please, no handwritten statistics. Either tell me where to find the info, supply a wizards publication, or a pdf/jpeg of wizards publication)

That is all for now. Future entries may be added as they are implemented.

Core System Changes

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