Clan Rakaz

The Rakaz clan of the seacliff dwarves is one of medium size and high caste. They are best known for their stonework in both architecture and sculpture. Many of the great statues in the Hall of Honor were crafted by Rakaz masters. Broken down and translated to common, it is easy to see that the clan name is fitting. Rak means hammer, or smasher, while az translates to rock in common. Spoken in common, members of the clan usually give their surname as ‘Hammerstone’.

While it has been said that some of the greatest stone artisans are of the Rakaz clan, not all Rakaz find their calling this way. Like many seacliff dwarves, the Rakaz often find themselves drawn to sea at some point in their lives. A few have found great success in privateering, such as the piratescourge known as “Yellowbeard,” [[:Elrim Rakaz]]. Others drawn to a life at sea include the freelance adventurer Norvi Rakaz, who helped save the city of Eaglesport form the oppressive stranglehold of the ganglord Wexley, and his older brother Northic who has earned many commendations sailing with the Kerallassrath royal navy.

Norvi’s Family

  • Clan Name: Rakaz (Raz = Hammer, Smasher) + (Az = Rock, Stone)
  • Father: Falrak Rakaz (Fall = Strong, strongest, strength) + (Rak = Hammer, Smasher)
  • Mother: Norgret Rakaz (Nora = Mithril) + (Gret = Daughter, Child of)
  • Older Brother: Northic Rakaz (Nora = Mithril) + (Thic = Champion, Victor)
  • Younger Brother: Delor Rakaz (Del = Steel) + (Ror = Riddle)
  • Norvi: Norvi Rakaz: (Nora = Mithril) + (I = brother )

Solvi Mithrilfist
Sol =
i = brother
Nor = mithrii
ain = fist

Clan Rakaz

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