Border Mountains

The Border Mountains drive a wedge between the countries of Issyc and Gresden. North to south and shore to shore they make up the barrier that serves as a border between the former enemies. Legend holds that the Old Great War that took place between the ancient ancestors of the rulers of these kingdoms, was only ended when a ring of archmages channeled the elemental plane of earth to create a barrier between the advancing Gresden armies and Issyc Castle. The resulting chaos has not since been duplicated, and the Border Mountain stand as a reminder for responsible magic use. border mountains

Border Mountains viewed from Gresden

This mountain range is the largest in Four Kingdoms, and it’s spiny peaks are highest in elevation. The environmental dangers are legion, especially near the summits, which are covered in snow for most of the year. The beastly dangers too, are worth note. Red dragons call these high peaks home, as well as all manner of mountain-dwelling goblinoids and giant-folk.

There are only two passes through the range, both of which connect the countries by road. Even these took many years to make and are very rough, and contain their own, if smaller, level of peril. Each pass is about 10 miles long, and take a full day to travel on foot, or a half day on horseback or donkey. The northern pass is east from The Crossroads, is generally better traveled, and considered by many to be “safer”, though that is a very relative term in this case. The southern pass is located on the eastern side of Mountainvale, and was only reopened in the last year after a massive rock slide pounded the pass five years prior.



Border Mountains

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