About the Campaign

The Land of Corra is a living campaign. The heroes within traverse across the world, twisting and shaping it with their actions. Will one party unknowingly set forth a chain of events that could lead to the others’ destruction? Will they ally with opposing factions in the world? Will one strive to destroy the other? Or perhaps they will never cross paths…

Understanding the Adventure Log postings

With multiple campaigns running at once, the adventure log may seem to get confusing. However there is a very simple code to understanding which posting relates to which group of adventurers.

Sea – This lovely Hippocampus illustrates the the following posting is with the Adventure at Sea campaign and if clicked will lead to their main page

Land – if the dragon rampant is at the top of an Adventure log posting then it follows the story of Jillian and Calmert, clicking on him will lead you to earlier in their story line

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About the Campaign

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