Angel-feather Greatsword

+5 Rightous Sword

weapon (melee)

Angel-Feather Greatsword

Lawful Good Chooser
Reach Melee 10ft.
Damage 2d10 Crit X 3
Critical 16-20
Weight Greatsword

A 10 ft. blade, resembling a bird feather, of unknown origin had been passed from one of the leaders of the Paladins of Ket to an other. For them, it was viewed as a sword of leadership, and was no different than their Holy Swords.

When an aasimar received the blade, however, the blade began to act differently. First, upon grabbing the handle, aasimars have reported having strange visions depicting a spell-like ability the blade wields. Then, every third level thereafter, a new vision revealing another spell-like ability occured.

Around 60 years ago the previous bearer disappeared during a conflict with ogres, the sword along with him. The current whereabouts is unknown.

Spells Description
Feather Missile Similar to Magic Missile
Feather Barrier Similar to Blade Barrier
Feather Flow Similar to Dimention Door
Feather Storm Similar to Hail Storm
Dancing Feather Similar to Magic Sword
Feather Cloud Similar to Cloud of Knives

Angel-feather Greatsword

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