Monk of the Wild Fist


Yurm is a 6 ft. 4 in. flind, a smaller smarter type of gnoll. His light brown fur is spotted with black spots and highlighted by a deep grey under tone, with muscles that are well defined.

While normally reserved and fair tempered, he disapproves the threat of pain against any who have helped him or his comrades, usually with a slap upside the head. Those who have discriminated against him in the past he has forgiven, and learned some lessons from his master to combat prejudice in his future.

Unlike most monks that reject consuming animals, Yurm is not so pious that he will not consume meat, sometimes to his regret.



The Culling

The place: the Jade Empire. In the early evening of a warm late Spring night, a single flind is born in the wilderness near the small fishing and farming village of Minato Kenkai. A rare occurance, since flind normally have litters with two to five pups. The mother became fiercely protective of her newborn, it being her first and only. Meanwhile, the father was attacking the village with the clansmen the family lived with. The flind had begun their nightly hunting and raiding a few weeks prior when their pups were born.

These raids were becoming more bothersome to the regional lord who began to hire personel to track down and destroy the threat to his serfs. With nearly eight hundred skilled fighters, healers, and spellcasters, the lord set out to rid himself of the problem in mid summer.

The nomadic flind were finally located after only two weeks of searching. The ensuing battle was fierce. More fierce than their raids normally are, with the den mothers fighting enraged to protect their young.

Numbers won the battle. The lords forces held an eight to one advantage over the flind. With under thirty percent casualties, all that remained was killing the pups to prevent a resurgence. For a spirit folk monk named Silverwind Treeheart, however, this task was morally difficult to see through. He moved accross the battlefield to find his student, only to find the student dead with an injured mother flind rising to fight him while clutching her young child close to her body.

Before his finishing blow could land, the mother pleaded for the safety of her only child, begging the monk to take care of him. Being a kind hearted person, and open to any excuse not to kill anyone who cannot fight back, the monk swore to her that he would care for her pup. When he asked what its name was, she struggled to utter Yurm, before her injuries claimed her life. The monk wrapped Yurm with a blanket to hide him from the others, and fled from the area taking the mothers’ flindbar with him, only leaving a Token of Passage on the body of his deceased student.

The Training

Being a flind, Yurm grew quickly at the Temple near Shiguru where he was brought after his mother died. The masters there drove him harder than other students. Mainly out of spite but also because Yurm would easily excel at any physical challenge they used. They drove him in order to calm the fury that lay dormant in his blood, and make him a more mindful individual.

Yurm’s one problem was his nocturnal disposition. While his mind wanted to be alert during the training session in the daylight hours, his body stirred restlessly after nightfall. After many years, he developed a meditative technique that allowed his body and mind to get the rest each needed. He would meditate for four hours in an almost elf-like trance at a time twice per day, once around dawn and again near dusk.

He completed the Temples training in a shorter period than most, and sent out to be mentored by highly skilled monk. Only one monk would take him as a student, the same monk who saved him all those years before; the one Yurm calls his master. Their pilgrimage took them from one town to another, always Yurm sensed a fearful distrust in the villagers eyes when they saw him. He became more withdrawn with each village he and his master came to, and constantly apologized to his master for them not being able to sleep or eat at an inn. Each time his master would make a speech about how it was the villagers fault, not Yurm’s, that they could not stay or eat at an inn.

A year had passed since he had set out with his master. They were on their way to an island which they heard was rumored to be ruled by a demonic lord, who made sacrifices of his serfs to his demon lord. His master had booked them passage on a ferry, but once the owner saw Yurm, an uneasiness fell onto the ferrymen. The trip should have taken less than one day, however the ferrymen took a longer route.

Around dusk, while Yurm was meditating, several ferrymen grabbed him, tied him in a canvas sack, dragged him topside, and tossed him overboard. When Yurm awoke from his trance and saw his dilemma, he was furious at the ferrymen for being so close minded but grateful that they had not weighed him down making it easy for him to get out of the sack he had been tied in. The currents took him out to sea, where a few days later, a privateer vessel headed away from his homeland unknowingly picked him up.

The Secret

Far from anyones living memory, as all participants are now dead, a team of flinds engaged themselves in a mysterious arcane ritual. They placed a new born onto a stone alter which was covered in various runes. As the group began chanting, dark clouds began to gather overhead. A bolt of lightning streaked down and struck the alter, as a funnel formed from the clouds. The chanting reached a fevered pitch as the vortex swirled around the pup. Suddenly, the clouds disappeared and the wind calmed as the chanting stopped. Years had to pass before they knew if their spell had worked. Their purpose, to infuse dragon blood into the pup to create a better sorcerer. There are now two living flinds who can claim descendance from that pup, one who ran away from the pack, and one who survived its slaughter.




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