Janiira's sly companion that disappears into the shadows as he trails his master.


A fierce companion to his master, Weolynn is a faithful fighter. Many adventures are in the past and many are to come. As a feline familiar, Janiira gains some skill in moving silently. This comes in handy when they are slinking unseen in the forest together.


When Janiira mastered the ability, she decided feline grace was how she perceived her familiar. And lo, Weolynn was summoned. This was before Janiira was taken in and tutored by the mages of Isric Islar. Janiira was lonely and fearful in the the strange woods away from her home. Weolynn is more than just a normal familiar. He was her warmth, comfort, sole friend, and companion. They have been through many adventures and hardships together in the years they have known eachother.


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