Viet Strakheln

Pious dwarf who reveres Pelor


Lordan the Pure is a priest of Pelor, in the [[City of Exiled]] in the [[Underdark]]. He is about 4 feet tall, sports a blonde braided beard, and long, tightly woven hair. He wears red and orange vestments of the finest quality the Underdark has to offer. He has blue eyes, and pale skin. He is fanatic in his devotion to the sun god, which is admittedly strange for a denizen of the Underdark. He dislikes violence, which unfortunately for him, happens all around him, all the time, because he lives in the Underdark.


The moment that Lordan feels defines his life is not his exile to the Underdark. It is the campaign of war he waged under the command of Jillian Windstar against the writhing masses of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears that made up the army of the demon [[Djedjekress]]. Together, riding giant lizards into battle, Lordan supported Jillian and her party with healing, while simultaneously crushing hobgoblin skulls with his mighty urgosh and dodging incoming fire arrows from the rows OF goblin archers. The party battled the hordes of ugly brutes, and beat them down. They battled the four leaders of the Demon’s army – ruthless, savage bugbears with no empathy for life. They were victorious. They carried the fight into [[Fort Kethkin]] in [[Gurro]] and challenged the demon himself. Lordan had never been so terrified than at that moment. Never had he felt so utterly frail as when he saw the demon cleave one of his comrades in half, a renegade hobgoblin named [[Kalor]]. The battle was fierce, and the rest of the party barely escaped with their life. It would be 4 days walk back to town, and Underdark healing is scarce. Viet was just a priest in training then, and was not powerful enough yet to resurrect, and it would be too late by the time the got back to town. He had no choice but to reincarnate Kalor, not knowing what would become of him. Jillian gave the go-ahead, and Viet began the ritual, which ended with Kalor taking the shape of a wild boar.

Viet Strakheln has lied low since then, very low. He’d had all the exitement he needed for one lifetime, and is still training to become a high priest of Pelor in the city of exiled.

Viet Strakheln

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