Fierce companion of Targ


Tusk is an ocelot: a small, 3 ft. wild cat, with a tan-black patterned topcoat, and a white-black patterned underbelly, making it hard to spot in an environment of tall grass or woodland. But Tusk’s pattern is not the only thing that makes him unique. A series of vertical scars— remnants of a fierce battle, run like off-white tiger stripes down both flanks.


Saved from certain death at the fangs of a leopard by the druid-in-training Targ Orngart, Tusk was ever thankful. With the fight over and his wounds tended to, he could assist his fallen mate. Unfortunately, too much time had passed during the fight, and Targ couldn’t revive her. As Targ left, Tusk decided to follow him. Three nights later, Targ was eating the bark off a tree. That days hunt had gone poorly, with the boar braking his only spear, and getting away as well. Tusk came out of the darkness with a mouse in his teeth. Targ was grateful for the small offering from the ocelot. Tusk brought two more mice to Targ that night and several rats over the next four. It was then that Targ gave him the name “Tusk” meaning “the determined,” which seemed to fit the cat’s persona.

The two have been together through good times and bad. It was Tusk who saved Targ when the Hardtooth orcs raided the grove. Targ was grappling one of the orcs, and was starting to lose the upper hand. Tusk kept up from below Targ, who was standing in griplock, and sunk his teeth into the orc’s throat. Targ held the orc’s arms to prevent him from trying to break Tusk’s hold. Once it became obvious that the orc was dead the two moved on to assist where they could.

Tusk is loyal to Targ, and even followed Targ when he left the Talon Jungle.


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