Thurlan Druskeden

Reclusive Grandmaster Engineer


Therlan has light gray skin and brown eyes. His hair is black and he wears it in a long braid. His heavy beard is also often adorned with 3 decorated braids. He is quick to the point, if he will talk to you at all.


Therlan’s father was a deep dwarf, and his mother a mountain dwarf of the Stoutaxe Clan. It is unknown how his parents met, but they kept their affair secret for some time. When his mother became pregnant, the elders of the clan took notice and demanded to know the father. They forced her to set up an ambush, so they could capture and question the Deep Dwarf. It was peculiar for a deep dwarf to be in the mountains, and the elders were suspicious. However, Therlan’s mother thought they intended to kill her lover, and shouted out to him a warning at the last moment. This allowed him to narrowly escape, and he never returned. Therlan is very bitter about this, and harbors feelings of resentment towardhis father.

When Therlan was born, he was declared a crossbred abomination by the elders, and when he was old enough, Therlan was sold into slavery to some hill giants. They treated him very poorly, but kept him alive, for he was very handy and had a natural knack for stonework, as most of his clan do.

One day, the giants decided to set up camp on the borders of Issyc Kingdom. It so happened that on that day, one of Issyc’s ‘Routine Sweep of Vile Creatures’ discovered the camp and attacked it. They slayed the giants and took Therla captive, not sure what to do with him. When they arrived back at base, Therlan was examined by experts, and was declared a Duergar Dwarf, and a problem. Like all of Issyc’s problems, Therlan was given a one way ticket to the Underdark.

Upon arrival in the Underdark young Therlan was taken in by Goddard the Gadgetmaster, another aging Dwarf. The two developed a kinship, and Therlan learned everything Goddard had to teach. With Goddard’s training, Therlan designed and built the massive stone bridges that connect the magma fissured landscape.

When Goddard died, Therlan went north into the caverns on the northern end of the Underdark, and became a reclusive hermit.

No one had seen or hear from him in several years when word came that he had been kidnapped, and was being held ransom by a group of goblins and hobgoblins. They demanded the return of their leader, a demon named Djedjekress, whom they did not know had been slain by Jillian Windstar. Jillian was informed of the situation, and resolved the situation by slaughtering them all. She was able to rescue Therlan, who has confessed to be forever in her debt. Jillian Windstar remains Therlan’s only known friend.

After the incident, Therlan resumed his hermit lifestyle, but makes appearances in the city much more often, and he has begun hiring his engineering services out again.

Thurlan Druskeden

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