Tharivol Amikiir

mysterious psionic master in hiding


Tharivol has been known to project himself as anyone, usually a frail old man, to hide his identity. He does this with a psionic aura that intercepts visual stimuli before it reaches the brain, supplanting instead the desired image. Non-psionics entering this aura are affected by it and do not receive a saving throw. It is unsure when Tharivol last revealed his true form, since psionics was banned in four kingdoms over 100 years ago.


Tharivol is a psionic master whose skills appear to be on par with Balk. The two are the only known true psionic masters in Corra. His power is legend- such that some refer to him simply as ‘the Psionicist’, but like Balk, he has been inactive for some time. His true location is a total mystery to authorities, who have been combing Four Kingdoms for him ever since 6 powerful psionic inmates were released from a secret, underground, maximum security prison in a masterful jailbreak. The wanted criminal Jillian Windstar and her party are said to be tied to the event.

Tharivol Amikiir

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