A blood red, animated, talking skull with an attitude


Thallid stands at about 8.5 inches tall. He might have been taller about 400 years ago, but that was when he had legs. (And also hips, a torso, and a neck.) Now he grudgingly endures a seemingly endless exsistance as an animated skull, blood red in color, with red pinpoints that glow darkly from somewhere deep within his eye sockets. There is a fist sized hole located in the back of his head, which was likely the cause of his initial death.


Thallid is the animated companion, and conscripted sage of Jillian Windstar. His fossilized remains were found in a cave by Andrinor of Balk, which the two were camped in while seeking refuge from a violent storm. Andrinor decided that they needed some information about the area, and went about a secretive ritual Jillian had never seen before. The technique he used blended necromancy and psionics in a unique way unknown to her. Placing the fragile, dusty, skull in the fire he had made, he chanted some necromantic verses while drizzling Jillian’s donated blood over the thing. Much time passed while the skull baked in the fire, and Andrinor cautioned Jillian not to touch the thing, lest her skin be bloodstained forever. As the storm passed directly overhead, Thallid came to life, confused and frightened. He was certain he was still in the grip of the beast that killed him, but Jillian took the time to talk him down.

The details of his life were foggy to Thallid, and he was not able to offer much help in the way of informing Jillian and Andrinor about their surroundings. Once the storm settled down and the party decided to move out, it was clear that Andrinor had no intent to dispel the magic he had cast. Jillian asked him how long the spell would last, learning that it would in fact last forever, dooming the chatty skull to spend eternity in a damp cave. Not willing to resign Thallid to the fate Andrinor had chosen for him, she stuffed the now dry Thallid in to her backpack.

Thallid has helped Jillian a number of times since his animation, with such things as the histories of Corra, frightening tribal kobolds, and with his unique ability to unhinge and reattach his jawbone.


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