Nezumi ninja and unrespected servant to Gre'arge Fangblade


Standing 5’ 2" tall, Tchick’tep’mop is a standard nezumi shinobi. He has brown eyes and brown/grey fur, turning more grey as he ages. He is devoted to Gre’arge Fangblade, and is more than willing to sacrifice himself to protct the flind sorcerer, in spite of the abuse he recieves from him.

Tchick’tep’mop is a quiet and angry individual. Topping his list of preferred opponents are oni. He holds a deep seeded hatred for all things corrupted by Shadowlands Taint.

To further intimidate his opponents, Tchick’tep’mop carries and wields two no-dachi greatswords. He has spent most of his time focusing on wielding them and has almost perfected their use in combat. “When fighting tough or larger adversaries,” he says. “It is of utmost importance to hit them harder than they can hit you, so you win the fight sooner. A drawn out fight only increases the likelyhood of suffering a serious injury, dramaticly. Even if you are highly agile, well armored, or fighting defensively, which is foolish against such opponents. The only time defensive combat works, in my experience, is when facing numerous smaller foes.”



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