Targ Orngart

Talon Half-orc Claw Druid


A lumbering six and a half feet of sun beaten half-orc stands Targ Orngart, a curious individual with a wild and free personality. He generally distrusts everyone, especially elves and dwarves, and tends to think that those who are speaking in a language he doesn’t understand are doing so to insult him (even if they aren’t). He tolerates rural environments and tends to avoid urbanized areas if at all possible. If he must go through an urban settlement, he does so with great haste (even if it means moving for three days without sleep).

He tends to travel light, not bothering with miscellaneous wants like food or shelter, nature has those in abundance. He keeps a constant vigil, and is prone to attack those he believes are following him. He knows that somewhere, someone wants him dead. Targ is more than happy to stay alive, there is too much he hasn’t seen.


Life in the Talon Jungle is rough for anybody, it is made more complicated when born half-orc. While the jungle folk respect them for their strength and savagery, they are expected to become fierce leaders in their tribes. Meanwhile, the orcs of Talon admire the more cunning and (with regards toward the orc’s personality) more sociable nature of half-orcs, demanding they become social leaders or military strategist.

Targ, however, felt drawn to the jungle itself and cared little about the petty fighting between the orc clans and jungle folk tribes. His instincts and the draw of nature caused him to run away from his home in his early teens.

He was found a few weeks later by a druid. He was weak with hunger and badly poisoned by a spider’s bite. It took several weeks for him to regain his strength, made more difficult by the poison causing him to vomit whenever he ate. The druid decided that Targ would make a great addition to his order and, once Targ was healthy, started to train him in the druidic ways, taking him to the North Claw Druid Grove.

As a part of his training, Targ had to earn the trust of nature to receive a companion. One week of daily offerings to the jungle lead Targ to a remote part of the jungle where he found an ocelot fighting a leopard. Despite the difference in size, the ocelot seemed to hold it’s own, a trait Targ was impressed with. Hefting his club, Targ assisted the ocelot in defeating the leopard, skinning and tanning it’s pelt for armor. (But not before healing the ocelot’s numerous wounds, however.) Greatful for the assistance, the ocelot began to follow Targ, who called him Tusk.

They had many good years together as Targ continued his training. Once Targ was officially a member of the order, however, times started to change. Two days after being recognized as a druid, a large band of Hardtooth orcs raided the grove. A bloody battle ensued, by the end, less than half of the Claw druids remained alive and all the Hardtooth raiders were slain. A meeting of the Order was called. Tradition stood that ALL the remains should have been burned in a ceremony of passing. Targ argued that the raiders weren’t worthy of the Order’s traditional rights since the Order also had a long-standing pact with the Hardtooth clan, and since they openly carried the Hardtooth banner the clan, they were in violation of that pact. He argued that the other druid Orders should be informed of this treasonous act and a message needed to be sent that the Hardtooth clan wouldn’t forget. Too many at the meeting were emotional about losing friends and mentors to argue against him, so they burned the bodies of their fallen brothers and sisters in the traditional way, but they took the raiders back to the Hardtooth Orc Camp to send a message.

After the bodies were in place and the Order had returned to what was left of the North Claw Druid Grove, the Elder sent them to warn the other groves of the news. A war was brewing, which would pit the druid Orders against the largest and most influential clan in Talon Jungle. He took Targ aside and told him in no uncertain terms that he should leave Talon soon. Taking the elder’s advice Targ left moving with ease through Talon headed east. Hunting as he moved, he eventually reached the eastern coast, following his instincts he turned north. Which was a mistake, as he found himself at the southern gate of a great city.

He knew his goal, whatever it was, lay beyond this city, but traveling around it would be nearly impossible for him. So he traveled through it, moving always with haste and even at night, despite numerous warnings from town guards. He eventually made it to the north gate in three days, though he had to climb down the wall to leave the city. Escaping into the Nasim-ul Ghani Desert.

Targ Orngart

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