Solvi Mithrilfist

Cleric from the frozen north. fighting to get into vallhalla.


An average sized dwarf with a thick, well groomed, white beard. His light blue eyes stand out from his pale skin and light hair color. His hair is in a single braid running down to the middle of his back. He has a single focus for killing giants, as he wants to impress his deity, Thor. He is quick to trust humans, and fellow dwarves, but holds others at arms-length until he gets to know them better.


Solvi is the middle of three children and the only son. His father is highly regarded among the clan for his (and his father’s) many victories over the years. It was assumed that Solvi would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a warrior defending the clan. Solvi however, felt a different calling. Solvi had always been enamored with the religious tales of Thor told at the local temple.

When it was time, Solvi went to the temple and began his training to become a cleric. His family was proud of their front-line cleric, as all of Thor’s followers must run to a fight and never around it. Thus, he added to his family’s status in the clan. After 12 short years he was among the first ones sent out by the temple when assistance was called for. This was the case when a viking captain asked for a cleric to accompany his ship on a raiding party. Solvi volunteered and was last seen by his people setting off toward the human lands of West Sephyll.

Solvi Mithrilfist

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