Skorgar Ravenackle

Travelling scholar extraordinaire


There is speculation of whether Skorgar is in fact a living person and if he is, what time he lived(prehaps is still living) in Corra. The following are some ideas of what he may look like according to the tales of locals that claim to have seen him traveling.

Skorgar is considered to be an extremely old gnome standing around 2’1” to 3’7” tall. He is generally believed to have white hair and unlike most gnomes, he does not have a beard. Those who claim to have spoken to him agree that his disposition is jovial and considered to be a prankster.

Considering the vastness of his travels and how he is always reported to travel alone, Skorgar is believed to be a very skilled adventurer, although there is debate to what exactly he is skilled at.


Skorgar Ravenackle was first introduced to Corra some 200 years ago when his first groundbreaking book “Oops I forgot My Arm in the Ethereal Plane! : a guide to interplaner travel and how not to leave body parts behind” hit the shelves. This book instantly set Skorgar apart from other scholars even though no one had ever heard of him before. Since that book, Ravenackle has published over 557 books in almost every language and has won many awards for his work that he has never come around to pick up. His editor and publicist has been questioned about Skorgar’s whereabouts and if he exists to only answer that he only communicates with Skorgar through a magic drawer in his desk, in which he receives and sends transcripts, and has never in fact met the man. Some of Skorgar’s top noted books are “Discussing Metaphysics with Marcus” which is the famous interview with an Observer and the controversial “The UNDERlying DARK Secret” which has been banned in all of the four-kingdoms and readers have been known to be put death for heresy.

Skorgar’s recent and sure to be most famous undertaking is “The Encyclopedia of Corra” which when it first was published was a blank book and sold no copies. That is until one day a shoppekeeper tried to use a blank page as toilet paper and found an introduction on it! Each book published seems to be magical and updates itself periodically.

Skorgar Ravenackle

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