Silverwind Treeheart

Tattooed/Drunken Master


Silverwind Treeheart is a lanky 277 year old spirit folk. The shimering silver hair, which his family is known for, has all but fallen out, his eyebrows now extend past his ears, his wrinkled face shows not a tired old coot waiting to die but a jovial soul still seeking all that life has to offer.

He carries with him at least 3 full bottles of sake at all times, with no more than 4 partially full or empty bottles needing to be refilled.

He tries to help everyone, but only with major issues. Though not afraid of a fight, he tries all diplomatic solutions and peaceful alternatives before striking a blow. He tries not to kill if it can be helped.


For the past 200 years, Silverwind Treeheart has been training with and helping develope monks at the Togashi Dojo. Even though he is in his old age, Treeheart doesn’t stay at the dojo for very long. Usually bringing another poor soul back with him for formal teaching, or picking up another apprentice to teach how to live outside the school.

In his mid-life, he had developed a taste for fine sake, and even survived a night of merriment with a couple of Drunken Monks without being to embarrassed, poisoned, or incarcerated.

Silverwind Treeheart

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