Shiver Winterborn

Uldra cleric with a frosty disposition


My name is Shiver. I’m and uldra, a frost fey, from glaciers of Gunnbjorn. I have pale blue skin, snowy eyes and dark blue hair. I’m 125 years old and was born on the winter solstice. I stand 2 feet 8 inches and weigh 41 pounds. I have a dark, but free spiritted nature and get along well with others. For the most part.

I’m very interested in learning new languages. I currently speak several fluently. I believe that knowing a regions language helps better understand that regions culture.

I also enjoy cooking. I enjoy a good meal and believe that if I’m going to die tomorrow then I want a good meal today.


The clan that I’m from, the Winterborn, were all born in winter and all worship Telchur the Wintergod. You see, my tribe of uldra take their last names from the season in which they are born. I know it’s a strange practice, but it works. I guess that’s the reason why I became a Telchur Priest.

I’ve been more understanding of townsfolk than my race tends to be, seeing towns more as animal habitats than blights of nature. The most interesting people I know, I’ve met in the settlements of Gunnbjorn. My adventurous nature has even lead me to sail with some of the Gunnish on what they call “raid or trade” expeditions.

On my first raid or trade, I befriended a man named Sturla. We were commerads on that boat, I even saved his life once. But, while on shore leave one day, we parted ways. He took a job that paid better and there was no room for me.

I’ve been on many more raid or trades since and even spent time learn the Adelphan an al Arabian languages. Nothing conveys trust more than speaking with someone in their native tongue. With my help, the Gunns were able to establish trade routes as far south as Abadan.

Recently, I ran back into Sturla at a port in Calydon. He told me of the ships he’d been on, and the adventures and exploits of the Njords Blessing. This ship seems fun. Maybe I’ll find my way onto it someday…

Shiver Winterborn

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