A quirky little bard that enjoys adventuring...and shiny things.


Pindalfoot is a Chaos Gnome that has bright pink hair and violet eyes- though both are subject to change at a whim. Her skill with her masterwork lute is a source of insiration to her compatriots. She has a large collection of various weapon types including a metal whip.

Gnomes are curious folk. Even more curious is the occurence of a Chaos Gnome. The best chance of one being born is by two other Chaos Gnomes… well that would be extremely curious as to how few there actually are for that to occur. Vanskor Hedvara worked as a tutor for human younglings and Rasaluna Hedvara was a gem-cutter in Lockehart. Curiosity came to Vanskor and Rasaluna on the birth of their first child. The child was born with purple eyes that seemed to be little gems. Her hair was a dusting of light pink hair that was one of the many colors of the evening clouds. Rasaluna named this odd pink-haired child Owlen (beloved jewel).

Owlen grew older and developed quite fast for a gnome. It wasn’t hard for her family to deduce that she was different than most gnomes. Chaos Gnomes age faster than normal gnomes and have distinctive personality differences. Her father was disappointed with this oddity and grew to calling her Garneb (first child) in hopes that his next would be as different from her as possible. Owlen was not fond of this name and was not particularly close to her father either. Kaeralen and Faerlen came several years after Owlen was born. Faerlen was his father’s prodigy. He excelled at school, studies, and the like. Kaeralen may have been slower in the studies but she knew a bargain and how to turn a profit. When she was barely old enough to walk, she was able to con anyone out of a coin or two. Some swore it vanished from their hands.
Owlen spent much of her childhood in solitude. She was an oddity. She welcomed company. Owlen grew fond of shiny treasures and loved to sneak around and see what she could find just laying around. Her mother would sometimes bring her home a new trinket from work. Owlen, however, had a large and growing collection from her own forrays into the city. Her aunt caught her in one of her escapades and gave her a new nickname, Barurd (hidden mole). Barurd loved the name. However, the humans confused this name with a similar word in their language and got the impression that she was good at performing.
Since it was expected of her by the humans, she learned the lute. She was actually quite good at it. She decided that she would like to be trained by a bard formally and then see the world. The idea of being a wandering, roving minstrel simply fascinated the young gnome and she begged her parents for the opportunity. Rasaluna was not happy to see her first daughter leave, but she was unable to convince Owlen to stay. And so it was that she was trained by a popular minstrel in the arts of performing.
Well before turning thirty, adulthood for a Chaos Gnome, her feet grew itchy for new adventures. When questioned on her motives for her adventuring she had several reasons for going on one. Whatever her answer bespoke her mood. Shiny things, fame, fortune, knowledge… the list goes on.
She packed up her lute and some supplies and set out on the road. When she happended upon a new settlement, she usually sought out the local library, schools, mystics, etc. She valued knowledge almost as much as her shiny treasures. Some places didn’t welcome her flamboyant and eccentric attitude as easily. Her “Charming” personality could at least buy her one friend in the area.
While she may not be as much of a trickster as other gnomes, she does still enjoy pranks on the more stoic, or as she puts it “grumpy”, beings. Sometimes this gets her into trouble. People don’t like it when you “stick” caltrops to their rumps— Who knew? She quickly developed an affinity for dodging things. Flying plates, books, daggers… whatever was close at hand when mischeif overcame her. It was even easier for things bigger than her. And when things look really nasty, a hasty retreat is always close at hand.
She gave herself a new name just after her first adventure. She felt she had outgrown the days when “Owlen” or “Barurd” was a good fit. She reckoned that since she was dodgy, musically talented and she traveled on foot a lot, “Pindalfoot” (swift skilled foot) would suit her just fine. As a Chaos Gnome, however, tomorrow (or to a specific individual) her name may be much different. Her personality was so chaotic that it was even hard sometimes to guess what color hair she would have (for a short time anyway). More names come with more adventures and time.


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