Norvi "Skullcrusher" Hammerstone

Stout seacliff dwarf, hero of Eaglesport, and sworn enemy of dragonkind.


Norvi is a normal sized dwarf, his skin is tanner then normal dwarves because of all of his time out at sea. His beard is braided and hangs down to his chest. His hair brown and worn in a ponytail that goes down to his shoulders.


From a young age Norvi knew he was different form other dwarves. He liked to explore and constantly wanted to see what was behind the next turn or what was on the other side of the continent. He would explore all over the city of Karallasrath. At the young age of 30 he started leaving for short adventures. Starting with roaming close to home, which expanded to staying with in view of Walgrim’s Cliff. His excursions went from day long trips to week long journeys. On his 45 birthday, Norvi was nowhere to be found, he has not been home since.

After years of exploration Norvi had realized something: Old Kingdom was small, he wanted to see more but a little thing called the ocean stood between him and larger adventures. He took a job on the dwarven vessel Thunderkeel to get to 4 Kingdoms and then left the crew to explore Gresden. While exploring the nearby woodlands he ran across a male elven ranger named Relindril. Norvi spent months with Rel learning about nature and how to live off the land, a helpful skill for a wanderer. He used his new skills to aid and guide travelers through the woods and help them avoid natural dangers.

During his time in this new land, he came across a horrific sight. In the eastern part of the country he found an entire village destroyed. He looked over the destruction trying to find survivors. He found a man, slowly crawling away from a burning house. He tried to help the man but he was too close to the end for Norvi’s minimal skills to save him. The man looked at him and said “Red…. dragon..” with that the only survivor was dead. Norvi vowed to find and kill this dragon, only he had no idea what a dragon was or what it looked like- only that it was red.

Now with a purpose in life Norvi went south trying to get a lead about where he could find a dragon, or if he could find-out what one looked like. His mission had taken him months and still he had no leads. Distraught, he went to a local drinking hall to drown himself in booze. There he read a message about a ship that was in need of workers, he figured that since he had yet to find his dragon he might as well look for a new adventure and went to sign up to join the PV Cuttlefish.

Norvi was aboard the Cuttlefish when it met it’s fabled end, and is said to be one of only a handful to survive the wreck that fateful night. He and the other survivors made it to a distant shore on two small ragged emergency vessels. Food was scarce on this small island, but not for Norvi, who could find something edible in almost any environment. It was on this island and the trials it provided that Norvi developed a bond with three other survivors, a whisper gnome known as Aldo Lightfoot, a flind called Yurm, and a soft-spoken human named Morris Ringwald.



Norvi "Skullcrusher" Hammerstone

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