Momar the Red

Powerful wizard in poor standing with the college


Momar is weathered man of his mid 40s. His hair is completely white. He wears it fastened in a bundle at the back of his neck. He sports a lengthy beard and is known to prefer to wear extravagant robes.


Not much is known of Momar. He came into the college with some rudimentary magical ability. He studied there, graduating with highest honors. He went on to teach at the college for many years before an impropriety caused the then triumverate to expel him. He became known as Momar the Red from that point, and moved to four kingdoms. It is rumored he plied a magical trade there without consent of the college, and for a time there was a sizable bounty on his head. Those charges were never proven, and many years later, when he became court wizard to a king in Old Kingdom, they disappeared inexplicable and completely.

Momar the Red

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