Krömm Thanek

Brutish half-orc who thinks he is much more badass than he currently is


A lumbering beast of a half-orc with a nasty underbite and a nastier demeanor. He has an affinity of writing checks he is incapable of cashing, both figuratively and literrally and has piss-poor luck doesn’t stop at his looks. He rarely talks about the past, but his attitude dictates that he has seen some stuff, and some things man. He’s his own worst enemy, but can’t resist a chance to prove to himself that he can live up to his self-efficacy beliefs. They say pride comes before a fall, and never has a statement been more clearly illustrated.


Krömm’s manners are, at best, uncouth. He has little regard for laws if the interfere with his ability to get what he feels he needs. His needs are limited though to primarily respect in great abundance and enough money to buy popularity. He wasn’t particularly well-liked in his homelands and didn’t fit into stereotypical roles. He dreamt of being a masterfully deceptive rogue as a youngling and consistently found himself too clumsy, ill-fitted, noticeable, and nowhere near charming enough for the likings of those he apprenticed under. In his teen years he learned of Tyr and abandonned his worship of Gruumsh. Following the God of single combat proved to be the best means of coping with his heritage, by forcing him toward self-reliance. He has travelled far from his home in search of his higher calling, slowly refining what he wants to be with what he is capable of being. He quickly wears out his welcome and has to seek new towns as a result of his pig-headed nature and his extreme clumsiness. He’s just as likely to pull a door off it’s hinges as he is to successfully pick the lock, but he keeps trying to be that nimble rogue he always pictured himself as.

He can’t stand Orcs and has a frequently reciprocated distrust of Dwarves and Elves.



Krömm Thanek

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