Jeffrey Davis

Quiet, stern man with dark hair and darker eyes.


Jeffrey stands tall for a human, about 6’ 4”. He is not very approachable, and difficult to engage in conversation. As such, not much is known about him. If he has friends, only he knows about them.


Jeffrey was a crew member aboard the ill fated PV Cuttlefish. He ranked just short of officer, having signed with the crew for the Cuttlefish’s first voyage. Indeed, he was to be next in line for promotion, no doubt due to his 7 years of fierce and undying loyalty to the ship and her captain. However, he would not see the rank of officer. During the battle that sunk the Cuttlefish, Jeffrey was thrown into the sea. He was briefly rescued by Yurm and Aldo, only to plunge back into the violent waters in a foolhardy attempt at saving his drowning captain. Jeffrey was last seen being swallowed whole by the same massive tentacled monstrosity that took the Cuttlefish.

Jeffrey Davis

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