Janiira Eytheranea Shadowdancer

A witty elven sorceress looking for new adventure.


As a sorceress, Janiira’s ability rely not on her ability to memorize spells. Rather, she has an innate sense of them as her powers grow. She has a very forceful personality and that helps her to manifest her will onto the world. While not as agile and spry as most people expect elves to be, she has more than enough endurance to balance the tables.
She is about average height for a Wild Elf. Her pale complexion and glowing green eyes make a stark contrast with her flowing raven-black hair. Her slender body is easily deceptive as it houses a vast power that is not visible to the untrained eye. Her small frame also makes it easier for her to move quietly with Weolynn through wooded areas undetected.


Janiira was born in a Wild Elf community in the forests of eastern Chula Vista. She was a member of the Eytheranea family (As time wore on, she adopted the surname of Shadowdancer due to circumstances that you shall read about). She grew up practising her magic and testing the limits of her powers. Her child-like nature was enhanced by her infectious charm. She grew as a precocious, willfull, and happy child.
Her mother was an herbalist and her father an expert bowman. She had a single brother that loved to pick on the youngest elf in the community. She was not yet 30 and he had already reached 120. The baby of the family is an understatement as elves have such long lives. She had not yet even begun to understand the world she lived in. She was constantly looking around her in amazement at every flower and animal she saw. A loving family and community was her contentment.
Her happiness was shattered when a band of orcs happened upon the camp. They slew all those who fought to save their community. Her father was one of the more brutal executions. They forced her to watch because he had hid her face as he strung his bow. Her brother was gravely injured and then killed when they deemed him unfit as a servant. They captured and caged the rest. Chance gave Janiira the opportunity to escape. It was a few days into their trek southbound. The orcs gave each slave tasks to do each time they stopped. Punishments for failure were unspeakable. After each stop, the elves were re-bound and the journey continued.
The orcs had forgotten to bind her after the tortures she sustained as a slave girl. She desperately wished to free her family. Her mother told her to nevermind “Run and dance through the shade of the trees around us. Be free, littlest one.” She listened. She ran into the wooded area nearby and hid. Being a Wild Elf, she was used to low light, wooded areas, and the sounds of the wilderness. However, she had never been so alone. She ran for what seemed like ages. She cried herself to sleep. She was running, but to where? Where was she to go? Her legs ached, she was tired, it rained several times, but she bore on.
The sheer terror had begun to numb her. She needed some comfort in this now cold and lonely world. The spell came to her young mind instantly. She called upon her power and summoned a creature she envisioned as a part of her. He started as just a wisp and then, slowly, the form of a small bklack jungle cat appeared before her. She called him Weolynn.
Still but a child, Janiira knew she needed to find a home. She continued on her journey to the west and soon she found herself in the mage community of western Isric Islar. She was quickly taken in by an older sorceress. The woman was kind enough to Janiira. She was a bit rough about the edges but she was good-hearted at the center of it all. Janiira’s charm quickly won her over. She studied with the mages. She took an interest in alchemy. She even taught some of the young wizards the abilities she knew and scholars about her culture. Forty years passed in this community. She slowly grew to a young teenage elf. Her caretaker, Elaina, passed into the void in her advanced age. It was then that she decided it was time for her to experience more of the world.
Since it would be yet another thirty years before she became an adult elf, she still visited her human hometown consistently. After the time she spent just traveling, she unleashed a craving for adventure. Everytime she visited the mage community, she was sure to stop at the cemetery to say hello to her foster-mother. Some of the humans she tutored and studied with were now old and gray or had joined Elaina in the void. That’s the harsh reality of such long lives. She enjoyed telling the tales of her travels to the village children, who would sit wide-eyed and slack-jawed as she told of how she once killed such and such or tricked so and so.
Her travels took her far and wide. She and her faithful familiar did battle against countless enemies. She acquired a small fortune in her travels and was always the practical one. She was comfortable in small villages but had yet to experience the monstrosity of some of the distant cities. She liked learning and used this to her advantage. She was quite the diplomat and persuasion expert.
While her socialite attributes are a major part of her personality, she does enjoy strolling in the shadows with Weolynn. She sometimes thinks of her elven family. Her quests are usually made with a secret desire to uncover something of their fate and whether or not they are still alive. In her younger years, she dreamt of hunting down their captors and freeing them if life had been unkind enough so as to allow them to wallow in cruel captivity and suffering. She had grown a strong aversion to slavery. Many of her battles were often at would-be slavers that were preying on small communities like her own birth-family. She fought to protect others from the fate she had known once long ago. Preventing the horrible changing of a quiet happy life to one of tumult and torture. This was her goal. Having some fun is just a bonus. Who else was going to keep those bad boys in line? Winks and casts dancing lights And that’s MY story.

Janiira Eytheranea Shadowdancer

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