Grook Ironhide

A wild dog currently in flind form.


A medium sized wild dog who became drawn to a young flind sorcerer namedGre’arge Fangblade. His golden eyes seem to read an individuals soul when making eye contact.


At first…

…there was a wild and thoughtless mutt, who was the only survivor of a tun mi lung or typhoon dragon rampage through a human settlement. He learned to survive on his own over the following few months.

A year after the attack,

a young sorcerer named Gre’arge Fangblade called out to the wild nameless hound. There was something about the sorcerer that compelled him to follow him. This was the first time the wild dog had a thought. He was given the name Grook Ironhide, as a sign of loyalty, which suited him just fine.

Grook Ironhide

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