Gre'arge Fangblade

Young flind leader of his own pack


The small 4’ 8" flind is extraordinarily smart and charming, for a flind. A brown fur coat covers his lean figure, with strange blue scales growing slowly over his arms and legs.

Cunning and cruel, Gre’arge always thinks about what he’ll do next. This tactical thinking helps him and his followers deal with the enemies they face. Though clever, he cannot escape his wild nature, and months of planning and fine tuning will fly out the preverbial window if the will strikes him.


Investigating the Secret

Starting at a young age, Gre’arge knew he was different from other Flind. He, like his father, had discolored hands and feet. While his hands and feet are blue, his fathers were black. After his sixth birthday, he used a cantrip for the first time and began daily training under his fathers guidance.

Gre’arge was the runt of his litter, but not when it came to sorcery. Both of his litter mates, and older sister and a younger brother, were also gifted sorcerers, but not on Gre’arge’s level. When his father explained his dragon descendance, which has revealed itself in his discoloration, Gre’arge began a personal quest to find his family’s dragon parent. Leaving the pack at the age of ten, normal for a flind and to his father’s disapproval, he set out to further delve into his sorcery.

Shortly after leaving, he summoned his familiar, a wild dog named Grook Ironhide. He would eventually meet a nezumi named Tchick’tep’mop, who became an unappreciated servant and body guard. For Grook he would create a collar enchanted to polymorph the wearer into a humanoid state. After it was placed upon him, Grook Ironhide took the form of a flind and acts as an assistant to Gre’arge.

The Plight of a Child

One evening in the wilderness north of Rokugan, Gre’arge Fangblade and a small pack of no more than twenty flind, including Grook Ironhide, happened upon a trio of oni. Oni normally don’t venture that for north, so Gre’arge decided to investigate their intentions. He ordered his men to move as silently as they could into possitions on each side of the clearing where the oni had gathered and wait for his signal to attack. At the edge of the clearing they stopped and hide to watch, wait, and listen. Gre’arge caught site of a human girl child being held by one of the oni, and multiple mentions of Hida. Hida is well known throughout Zhou as a noble family of the Crab Clan who ruthlessly seeks out and eliminates forces from or servants of the Shadowlands.

Tchick’tep’mop, has a certain hatred for anything from the Shadowlands, as the nezumi were original inhabitants of that land and were driven from there by those fouled creatures, was ready to spring almost at the first sight of the three of them, and was first to attack when Gre’arge gave the order. During the battle, Gre’arge repeatedly told his men not to harm the human child, not knowing her importance until after the oni were feld. She was Hida Ai, the first born daughter of Lord Hida Ayumi, the head of the Hida family. Gre’arge had struck a vein of gold. He would use Ai as leverage against Ayumi to gain better armor for his men, and a fort to protect him while conducting experiments.

He ordered his followers to get word to the flind packs in the area that the Hida family would soon be funding his, and any who wanted better armor and protection from the wilderness were welcome to join.

Meanwhile, Tchick’tep’mop, and Grook Ironhide took the girl to a hidden cave, where they were to stay with her until Gre’arge returned from negotiations, ordered to feed her and keep her alive. Once safely inside Grook Ironhide cast a barrier to prevent any unwanted guests from finding the cave.

And, after a long procedure, the Crab Clan Flind Pack came into being.

Gre'arge Fangblade

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