Fi Zhi

Former Royal Wizard appointed by the king of Issyc


Character is Deceased

Str 12 Dex 14 Con 10 Int 18 Wis 15 Cha 16

Fi Zhi stands about 5’6”, and weighs about 140 lbs. He is light skinned, and dresses in the finest silk robes. He tries to hide his Rokugani heritage, but his unmistakable oriental facial features give him away. His eyes are narrow slits, his face very angular. He is very quiet and studious, and the daily events of life seem to be an irritation to him, as they draw his attention away from his most important work.



Fi Zhi was born north of Rokugan in a fishing village called Ochogawi. He grew up living the normal, hard life of a fisherman. His mother and father, Hoko and Yun respectively, had no other children, so young Zhi spent most of his playtime with the other children of the village. He was treated cruelly by the other children, and when they were grouped together, they would pressure Zhi to do embarrassing or dangerous things for their amusement.

One one such occasion, the children of the village were playing together on a small nearby reef when one of them discovered a glint in the deep waters below. One of the boys dove into the coastal waters and swam as far as he could toward the glint below. He soon began to run short on breath and returned to the surface, the object of his desire still well beyond his reach. Upon his return, he explained to the rests of the group that he could not reach the light, but if someone could hold his breath longer, he might be able to reach it. The boy was, of course, referring to Zhi. The boy was also lying. He knew that the object that attracted everyone’s attention lay well beyond the reach of even a seasoned swimmer. He was well aware that there was little chance of any of the boys reaching the object, and having enough breath to swim back.

Zhi refused at first, but the other boys rallied around him, jeering and goading. They beat him, and threatened to beat him harder if he came back empty handed. Reluctantly, Zhi leaped from the reef and plunged into the water swimming as hard as he could. Soon he beheld the glint of light that was causing him so much trouble. He swam for it with determination. He soon ran short of breath, but fear drove him onward. Soon he reached the light, only to find a worthless fishing lure snagged on a piece of coral. Zhi was no longer afraid of the boys above. He was out of breath and terrified of drowning in these murky depths. He looked around madly for some kind of refuge, and saw a small sunken fishing vessel sitting on the ocean floor. With no other alternative, he drove himself toward it.

His lungs burning, Zhi pumped furiously for the derelict vessel. He reached it just in time, darting through a broken cabin porthole. He found a pocket of stale air in the cabin section of the hull. He caught his breath and thanked the gods. Zhi spent the better part of 4 hours in the cabin of that sunken ship, collecting his thoughts and exploring the other sections of the ship. He found a chest in the captains quarters containing a yellow diamond of unusual size, but no other items of value. Back in his air pocket, he studied the diamond closely and became enthralled by it. This was a defining moment in Zhi’s life, and likely the moment that changed it’s course forever.

Zhi figured correctly that the other boys assumed him drowned at this point, and constructed a plan to leave his village forever, to learn all he can about his new treasured possession. Zhi’s parents had a ceremonial funeral for Zhi one month later. Fi Zhi officially died when he was 10 years old.

Coming of age and adulthood

Zhi began his journey that night, making his way south into Rokugan. His pursuit of the secret behind the yellow diamond led him down arcane avenues, and he studied for several years in Crane Clan lands under the best magical tutors. Zhi learned remarkably quickly, given his late start. His endless hours of study fueled by the forbidden knowledge he sought. Soon, Zhi would learn all he could about the diamond, and moved on to Unicorn Clan lands where he studied for a few years more.

Zhi was 28 when his devotion led him to travel beyond the Jade Curtain, in search of those who could tell him more about his most treasured possession. His travels took him further and further south, crossing the World’s Edge Archipelago to the Old Kingdom. He studied in Ket and Tusmit, and soon after, booked passage across the sea to study ancient tomes that he was told he could find in the decrepid ruins of Castlerock in Drodund. He did indeed find the book he was looking for, but its contents were written in a strange unknown dialect he had not seen before. His study of the text made him a regular in the royal library of Drodund Castle, to which he was allowed access only after joining the local Wizards Guild. He rose in rank within the guild at an alarming rate, and after only a few years he found himself second in command to the Archmage of the guild. During his time in the guild, he met Andrinor of Balk, who had only recently begun his tutelage under Balk. Zhi and Andrinor became fast friends, each finding a kindred spirit in the other. Andrinor shared his learnings under Balk, and Zhi shared some of his learnings of the diamond. He showed the diamond to Andrinor one day, and from that day on, Andrinor coveted it. Jealousy and bitterness grew between them, and after a terrible arguement that turned violent, Zhi outed Andrinor as a necromancer, using his station to ban him from the guild.

Later life and Death

Zhi had uncovered much about the hidden truth behind the yellow diamond when he learned that he was being recommended for the position of Royal Wizard to the King of Issyc. He would replace the previous battlemage that served the post, who perished in the Battle at Mount Goslin Pass. He served the kingdom of Issyc for 18 years, while continuing his studies in secret. As he approached middle age, he had grown apathetic and bitter, caring more and more only for the fruit of his labor – the unveiling of the dark secret behind the precious stone he possessed.

He was very close to learning the true origin of the thing when he was visited upon by Jillian Windstar, who sought him out seeking knowledge regarding a similar diamond in her possession. Jillian counted Andrinor as one of her travelling companions at the time, and this was the fist the two had seen of each other since his banning by Zhi’s hand. After a short conversation, the two agreed to a wizard’s duel to settle their differences once and for all. After a fierce magic fueled melee, Andrinor emerged the victor. He had slain Zhi, and taken the yellow diamond that had become his obsession.

Zhi was buried in Issyc’s royal cemetary, after efforts to ressurect him failed. He was 54 years old.

Fi Zhi

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