yellow skined and covered with scares from his life of fighting, he has a blue nose that helps distinguish him from most other people in his group. he is average sized for a hobgoblin. He tries to hid the fact that he is goblinoid from people outside his merc band because of goblins bad reputation. He waits to prove himself to employers or outside help to reveil his true identity.


Raised in a mercenary camp where west sephyll, entruag and shen calen meet he was raised around elves goblins and humans. He spent his early life learning the geographical layout of the surrounding area and quickly learned the major landmarks around old kingdom. He was groomed to be a scout for merc teams. He is sent on missions where someone or something is needed to be found. His last mission was to go to Eaglesport to put down an uprising.


The Land of Corra Deadseid