A young wizard on a quest for old knowledge.


Ealhswith is a tall, slender, female elf with white/blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Eahlswith, as a wizard, has a high intelligence (+4). She doesn’t have much in the way of armor so she got +1 robes to help with that. Her gloves are unique and allow her to emit a faint glow from her hands with a standard action to turn on or off. Her gloves also allow her to expend a prepared spell slot for a magic missile (3 per day). Energy Substitution allows her to substitute the energy damage type in any of her spells to elecric damage. So a fireball that would do fire damage now does electric damage instead. Improved initiative allows her to get the drop on a group of opponents before melee get into the mix of things. She aslo can use a spell slot higher in order to cast a spell without moving as a still spell. As her bonus feat, she now has a few of her favorite spells memorized and can cast them without her spellbook as she has mastered them by this point. With her school specialization, she gets a +2 on evocation related spellcraft checks and an extra spell per day of that type.


I hail from the mage community of Isric Islar. I was born to a pair of magic users like myself and chose the wizards’ path when growing up. My mother, Ryliae, is a sorceress like her mother before her. She mostly focuses her magic on divination. Her familiar is a cat named Turenea. My father, Fhaomik, is a bard. He plays songs well enough, I suppose. He has become an apprentice healer of sorts in our community.
I’d have to say that magic has always been a part of my life. It seems to have sought me out even from inside the womb. It is no surprise that I quickly latched onto its usefulness. I learned to manipulate the energy around me. I learned to feel the fire in me and hold it in my hand. I learned to create energy that wasn’t there before. Have you ever made a fire turn into electricity? There’s really nothing quite like it. The tingle of electric magic is exhilarating and is a sensation I prefer. Evocation magic is just so fulfilling. To harness the elements is to wield true power. I’ve devoted myself to the practice, research, and study of these spells.
I chose my familiar well before finding my love of the evocation school. He follows me wherever I travel to. Mostly, he flies far ahead and tells me what dangers may lie in my way. My osprey companion has helped me in more ways than one can imagine. He is an excellent fisherman. His name is Amael.
I have no love for necromancers. Their magic holds no interest for me. The sway of life and death is too volatile for me to want to meddle in. My uncle Barathimus was a powerful necromancer in his own time. He was punished quite severely for some of his research “projects” that went horribly wrong. His head keeps my father company in his study. Sometimes he won’t shut up. Needless to say, I was turned off from necromancers early in my life.
I also have little to no respect for illusion magic. Bards may play pretty music, but the majority of the spells they use are little more than tricks. It does not amount to anything significant. Gnomes are well known for illusion magic as well. Little tricksters, they are. I prefer to keep them at bay when I can. At least the noisy ones, that is.
I want to learn as much as I can about the school of evocation. My thirst for knowledge and my hunger for adventure leave me as a sort of outcast from my community. They are almost never sated. I would be the black sheep of my family if Barathimus didn’t have that title so thoroughly covered. The mage community does not respect me as much as I am wont to adventure frequently and far.
I always felt that there was a crucial part of myself missing. Part of the magic I love and use so much was not yet revealed to me. When I would travel, I would usually hunt for scrolls and books. Reading all of them when I returned home became a favorite part of my journeys. That is how I first came across my personal quest. This quest would take me far and wide. A particularly old scroll I had recovered from a crumbling building made mention of a set of equipment.
This set was called The Raiment of the Four. Legend tells that the wearer would be commune with the spirit of the creator of the masterpiece. This is beside the many bonuses of each piece alone. The scroll merely skimmed the surface of the set. I knew I had to find out more and then eventually claim it for my own. I spent a year searching tomes and libraries for even another mention of the set when luck was with me. I found another scroll with clues of a location.
The first clue turned out to be a dead end. Discouraged, I came back home and went over my notes. I read until my eyes blurred. I scarce ate or slept when trying to scout possible locations of the set. I even asked my uncle’s head for counsel during those times. I was desperate for some hint. Some direction. I journeyed where I knew there would be books.
An old deserted village proved to be worth the time I spent there. I had cast a hut outside the town center. At the bottom of a chest in the back of the attic in one of the buildings was a book. Inside of the pages was a small folded parchment that bore a single sentence: “Gloves of the Starry Sky (of the Four) is in Isric Islar.” That confounded me. I thought I had searched every nook and cranny of my homeland. Obviously, I had missed something crucial.
I stopped home before setting out on what I knew would be the beginning of a very long and trying adventure. I purchased a Class D Magical Items permit while in the area. I spent months searching over every mile of the homeland. There was almost nothing left for me to find when I came upon a glade I had not ever seen before. What do think I found in this glade? No.. not the gloves. A troll.
Luck was with me that day. Now, I know. Luck is a strong term to use for flying into the air and blasting the troll with every spell I knew and finding the secret door in the ground… but I digress. I found the hidden chamber where the Gloves of the Starry Sky were being kept. I slipped them onto my hands. The cool velvet was soothing against my skin. I spent a good long while gazing into the murky swirling black of them.
There was a bit of gold with the gloves so I was able to purchase some scrolls at the closest friendly port. Close-by there was a captain looking for some positions aboard his ship. I needed to continue my quest so I offered my services as a record-keeper in return for passage across the seas.


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