Calmert of Ket

Paladin of Heironeus with questionable ethics


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Calmert has no clue to his origin. He was dropped off at the front steps of the Ket Paladin’s Guild as an infant, with no documentation or identification to be found. He was discovered by Ernesten, the guild master, who took his sudden appearance as a gift from the gods. Calmert grew up among the Paladins of Ket, learning the values of truth, honor, freedom, and law. When he was old enough, he began his training under the guild’s quartermaster Rossiq. Rossiq trained Calmert brutally and unforgivingly, but Calmert never complained. He approached each challenge set before him with resolute determination, and each was won with discipline and perserverence shown by no other student of the guild. Calmert and Rossiq became fast friends over the years, and as his skill improved, his mentor’s challenges became harder. But Calmert would never waver, and graduated his 10 year training in 8. To this day however, he has not yet bested Rossiq in combat.

Calmert only learned what was required of him in the areas of religion, politics, and magic, but in the areas of strategy, melee combat, and mounted combat, he had no equal save for Rossiq. Having completed his training, Calmert wanted to use what he had learned in a positive way. Staying in Ket would allow him few chances of that, for the guild kept the immediate area mostly in check. Not only that, but in the event of the occasional hill giant attack, it was the elder paladins that received the call of duty. Calmert feared his skills would languish and stagnate in this environment, so he decided to travel abroad as a missionary of Heironeus, doing his good work wherever he was needed. Ernesten tried to dissuade him at first, but Calmert insisted. In the end Ernesten let him go, in part because it was what was right, and in part because Ernesten had a particular feeling that when Calmert left that day, he was following his destiny.

Calmert traveled west across the vast ocean which divides Old Kingdom from Four Kingdoms, and landed in Issyc. It is here that the path to his destiny would begin.

(To Be Continued)



Calmert of Ket

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