Black Paul

Self-proclaimed Pirate King of Tupelo


Black Paul is a human standing nearly 6 feet in height, with deeply grizzled features. His face shows the wear of hard months at sea, and his eyes show the experience of many battles. His short beard is graying, but his hair is a greasy faded black. He wears it long and unkempt, but usually under a hat. Rumor says that he is missing both a hand and a foot from a close encounter with a sea beast, but that may be largely speculation.


Black Paul has been the “King” of the independent pirate bay of Tupelo since his retirement from sea. He claims to not only be the King of Tupelo, but the one foretold in legends to rule all of Muogamarrah. Few in his realm debate this, as those who do often do not live long enough to wish they hadn’t. Black Paul rules with tyrannical authority over the city-state of Tupelo, and receives tribute from all who dock at her port.

Black Paul

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