Master Psion and Necromancer, and scourge to all Mankind


It would seem that Balk is a master of both psionics and necomancy- a combination of which has resulted in the creation of a true horror of man. No one knows just how powerful he really is, and few even mention his name aloud. Balk is the mentor of Andrinor of Balk, and has been tied to Jikaar’ki as well. The exact relationship of these three is unknown.


The tales and legends of Balk assert that he is or once was human. However, these tales accredit him for horrors and disasters much longer ago than a human lifespan. Whether the tales that concern him are exaggerated, or he has trancended death is anyone’s guess. Luckily, the latest of the tales happened some 35 years ago, and Balk has been quiet since. Who knows, maybe he really has finally gone to Hell…


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