Andrinor of Balk

Accomplished necromancer and protege of Balk


Andrinor stands tall for a human, at around 6’2”. He dresses in heavy, rarely washed, black robes that obscure most of his face and body (which is washed only slightly more often). He is pale, and smells of death. He is usually rough-faced, exerting minimal effort to remain clean shaven. His black hair (which is rarely seen under his hood) hangs past his shoulders and is always loose, even while in combat. He is extremely dry in speech and mannerism, and slow to anger. However, this makes him no less willing to use lethal force on a whim. Andrinor cares little for any life, save his own and that of his master, Balk.


Andrinor’s life story is a mystery to most. All that is known of him, is that he spent several years studying at the mages guild in Drodund (from which he was eventually banned), and that he claims to be a student under Balk. He once had a relationship with the Royal Wizard of Issyc, Fi Zhi, which ended with the two fighting to the death. Andrinor emerged the victor in that struggle, taking Zhi’s yellow diamond as a trophy. This event occurred during his travels with Jillian Windstar. The two travelled together for some time, until he revealed he was in the employ of Jikaar’ ki and attempted to kill her. He failed in that task, when Calmert of Ket happened upon the battle in progress and rushed to the halfling’s aid.

It would seem that Jikaar’ki and Andrinor are no longer on good terms, as Andrinor has recently tracked down Jillian Windstar to enlist her aid in his assassination. Jillian is currently considering that offer. Andrinor had not been seen since.

Andrinor of Balk

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