Alton Bisquettebarrel

A stealthy halfling monk


Only standing three inches over three feet tall, Alton is not the most physically intimidating person one might meet, even as halflings go. What he lacks in size he more than makes up for in speed and skill.

The dark grey robes he wears hide a plethera of daggers and some other non-combat items. Its hood covers his shaved head, an odd look for a halfling but he makes it work.


Born in Wingdig to a family of travelling merchants, Alton was the third of six children, but the first of only two sons. His extended family comprised of more than thirty aunts and uncles, and over one hundred cousins, mostly girls.

While growing up on the road, Alton was a trouble-maker. He would hide some imprtant item the his father or an uncle had picked up for delivery. It would take days before its discovery in the belongings of one of his elder cousins, and days more until Alton would be questioned about it.

On the eve of his fifteenth birthday, while they were in the north-eastern desert of Muogamarrah, the caravan was attacked. Most of the adults were killed in the raid, including some of Altons elder cousins. The ones who surrendered were chained and dragged off. Alton and his youngest sister were among the few to elude the slavers, and Alton was the only one who saw the lead slavers face.

After the slavers had left, a strange halfling was spotted near were the campsite had been. He offered to give them shelter for the night, and supplies should they desire to leave in the morning. They all stayed at the temple, for they had nowhere else to go.

During the next fifteen years, Alton trained alongside the monks of Whirlwind Temple and developed a strong sense of justice. One thought constantly drove him through the rigorous training, the face of an orc with an “x” shaped scar over his mouth, the face of the slaver who ruined his life.

His training complete, Alton began tracking down the mysterious orc. His quest, foolish, eventually lead him to Shen Calen, the land of the elves. They were very knowledgable about the orc Alton was chasing, but reluctant to give him any assistance. Alton offered to aid the elves in whatever way he could, if they would give him the information he required. The elves accepted and quickly sent him as part of a recon group to hunt drow in the Underdark.

Alton Bisquettebarrel

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