The Land of Corra

Captives of the Deep

Session 29 by Anderson2

Eventually the party woke up to find themselves suspended in metal cages over a lake of lava. The sound of pickaxes hitting stone echoed through the cavern. Solvi was barely able to catch the lyrics of a miners hymn being sung. With nothing to do but wait, they waited and were eventually visited by three of their captors. They were lowered to a platform and taken one by one out of their cages, chained together, and then separated. Solvi and Targ were taken to a holding cell. One of the captors mentioned an intruder to the other, Solvi took note but remained silent until after they were gone. Aldo and the elves were taken to dais,he slipped free of iron manacles and promised to return with some help.

Targ turned into viper to free himself and hid as Solvi was dragged off for “information retrieval.” Targ attacked the one dwarf who stayed behind to search for him. A battle ensued, during which Aldo was able to sneak up on the conflict, steal a hammer off a nearby wall, and kill the dwarf.

Aldo knew Targ could use wild shape, and guessing that vipers weren’t common in the Underdark, he headed back to the girls with the keys he found on the dead dwarf. On the way back he encountered four more miners and went down in a fight. Targ hid as he was still a viper and wasn’t much use against the one dwarf so four was out of the question. Aldo was dragged to a large central compound while Targ made his way to the dais. Not being able to see in the dark, Targ explored a few corridors before he accidentally hit a hidden switch, which revealed a small pool of lava and lit up a small room with a dais with two elves chained to it.

Targ reverted from viper-mode and briefed Janiira and Theia. Janiira asked why he didn’t grab the keys? Targ answered “I was a snake at the time!”

Their first attempt to free the elves failed. Janiira offered to use an acid splash. Theia got upset. “We’ve been chained here for all this time, and now you tell us you could’ve freed us after the dwarves left!” Janiira splashed the chains with acid and they tried to free the elves, nothing happened. It took them two more tries to finally free the elves from the dais. they quickly broke the links binding thier hands and were free. Thiea looked towards targ as the groups temperary leader and asked what they should do, Targ replied calmly " I am of the opinion we should rescue our friends." Targ used some of his druid magic to heal the groups wounds and the set off to find thier missing commrads. They fallowed Aldos blood trail to a small room littered with mining equipment and quickly armed themselves with picks and Targ grabed a chain. As they continued down the corridor Targ mentioned that there was another intruder in the camp.

The party soon found a massive compound with high walls and multiple towers, this was the obvious place to find thier friends. They could see guards walking around up on the wall and decided they needed to get them down to their level inorder to get inside. Targ had the idea to create an obscuring mist and wait in ambush. The plan work as well as he thought when the investigating dwarves found themselved ambushed.

after the mist dissapated, Janiira poked head out, trying to see if there were any more dwarves. There were and she was noticed. More dwarves were sent to deal with the three companions. Targ created a fungal patch to make travel difficult for the new wave of dwarves and another fight ensued. The battle was difficult. Eventually all were defeated, except the sergeant who escaped back to the compound invisible.

As he approached the gates his invisiblity ended so the party caught a glimpse of him as he entered. Theia, from her vantage point could see a shadowy figure along the top of the wall grab a guard from behind and slice his throut.

Heading back into the hallway, the party stumbled across a pair of miners. In the miners attempt to flee, one is killed by Theia. The other escaped into a side passage and as the party pursued he reemrged confidently with a flaming rapier, Janiiras flamming rapier. The party quickly dispatched the fool and went in the store room. They found the rest of thier equipment there and armored up. They then decided to storm the citadel in an attempt to rescue thier allies.

Theia tried a long shot which fell yards short of the wall. The shadowy figure killed another guard, throwing him off the tower this time. That act got him noticed by the other guards who begin pursuit. The party take this opportunity to attack. Janiira cast mirror image and walks into the open. More dwarves were sent to dispatch the group. They were led by the gold chain wearing sergeant from before. He manages to keep them in a formation as they approach. Targ tried to divert their attention away from Janiira and Theia by mooning the oncoming dwarves.

The sergeant displayed a clerical skillset, and had some other unique abilities. During the frey, he grew to large size, but even that wouldn’t save him. Most of his men went down, and he once again vanished from the melee. Targ is killed by the single remaining dwarf. Janiiras attempt to stabilize him crushed the life from his body.



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