The Land of Corra

Sticks and Stones

Session 25 by Anderson2

The party awoke the next day feeling the after affects of last nights drinking. Solvi, most of all had a nasty hangover. Falrak invited them for a quick breakfast and then offered to show them around the city. Their first stop was Lake Azkral where Falrak told them the story of Azkral Stronghold and the dwarves who held back the invading Tusmin armies. “It was here our last and greatest line of defence, the brave and mighty dwarves of the Nororil, held back the tusmin savages that sent wave after wave to die in these waters.”

Their next stop was at Kerallasrath Keep. An impenetrable fortress with impossing features and towering walls. Falrak informed them that only seacliff dwarves are allowed inside, and even then only higher caste dwarves.

Their final stop was a blacksmiths shop, owned by Gimias Rakaz, Falrak’s brother. Falrak offered the party a discount on Gimias’ wares and took his leave. Solvi inquired about purchasing a unique dwarven armor. Gimias explained that only royal guards were permitted to purchase that armor without royal approval. Aldo informed Gimias about the groups objective in the underdark, but learns nothing from Gimias that helps. One customer overheard Aldos convesation and introduced himself as Ergal Giliral and asked Aldo and crew to meet him by Lake Azkral.

Once concluding their business with Gimias, the party made their way back to the lake were Ergal met them. Ergal told them that he would help them get into the underdark if they would help him with a problem. He told them that his brother, Fim, had lost his whole family to a hill giant wearing an eyepatch made from a bit of goat hide. Ergal would have avenged his brothers’ family, but to do so would be dishonorable, as it would be considered robbing Fim of his vengeance. However, he knew that Fim will soon go out seeking vengeance, and doubted his ability to kill the giant on his own. He asked them to slay the giant before Fim died in his quest for vengance. Aldo asks if he wanted proof of the accomplishment, and Ergal said no, he just wanted his brother to discover the corpse, not knowing how it died. When his brother returns with the news of the discovery, he will know the deed is done, and he will show the them the way to the underdark, through the salt mines below Kerallasrath.

The party left Kerallasrath and headed back towards Nimdum. As they arived at the port authority, they were informed that the pirate Black Davy was opperating in the waters to the west. After a discussion the party decided to ere on the side of caution and took the long way around, eventually ariving at Port Bastion. They made their way towards Ket, traveling northeasterly. As they crossed the boarder they ran into a customs checkpoint, from there they made their way into the wilderness.

They continued travelling up into the foothills for a few more hours. After enterring a forested area, Aldo heard a noise in the underbrush. Aldo charged toward the source with Targ, Tusk, and Solvi walking after him, Solvi mutterring about the importance of it not being a giant. Aldo barrelled into a small clearing to find a startled elven woman, who drew her bow in responce to Aldos sudden arrival. With his friends not far behind him, Aldo tried to talk the elf down from killing him, and he figured that she might be a useful ally if she would join the crew. After the party introduced themselves, she introduced herself as Theia. Aldo told her about the giant that they were hunting. Theia told Aldo that she had recently seen that giant and offered her assistance to track and kill it.

Tracking the giant was easy as it knocked over any tree that stood in its way. They soon found a second set of tracks that joined the first and headed over a peak. The party gazed over the peak to witness two giants in the middle of a fight. Aldo thought that the giants might take each other out, which would make clean up easier. After some time passed in which the battle didn’t seem to have progressed any, Aldo, Solvi, Targ, and Tusk advanced on the two giants. As they did, the battle shifted and the giant with the eyepatch fell on his back and the other giant jumped on top of him with her breasts exposed, it then dawned upon them that the giants weren’t fighting, but were, in fact, procreating.

Aldo started the battle by striking the one-eyed giant in his good eye. A fierce battle ensued. The female giant flung boulders at Theia, while the others handled the male. The fight ended with Aldo, Targ, and Theia unconscious, Theia having been knocked out when Solvi hit her when the female flung him, and the male giant bleeding out threw a head wound.

With one giant down, his comrads unconscious, and his prey gone, Solvi set to work healing the group. After the group regained consciousness, they made their way back to Port Bastion, where they heard more rumors of the pirate Black Davy patrolling the coastal waters nearby. Aldo didn’t seem to concerned about the rumors, after all it was only one pirate ship in an enormous ocean. The odds of meeting that ship were one in a billion at best. At Solvis request, the Njord’s Blessing would set sail for Ruhnahiem in the morning.

Many uneventful hours passed as Targ, Theia, and Willem manned the sails. Sturla suddenly called out, “Ship! Ship off the port bow!” Aldo steered the ship to intercept, as the unknown vessel didn’t have any sails. Solvi, Targ, and Theia felt very uneasy about the situation and prepared themselves for battle, and once the pirates sprang their trap with several dozen grappling hooks the three set about disheartening the attackers, Solvi with his trademark ice slick, Targ through the use of lightning, and Theia with a volley of arrows.

The pirates held the advantage of numbers, but the crew of Njord’s Blessing had the better trained fighters. With his crew in jeopardy, the pirate captain ordered his men to stop and challenged Aldo to a duel. As he approached, Aldo thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, the man before him he had personnally seen get swallowed at the sinking of the PV Cuttlefish.

“You aren’t Jeffrey Davis, are you?” Aldo asked as Black Davy approached. At the mention of his name, he dropped his rapier and asked Aldo how he knew his name. The two former crewmates talked about some of the events that had transpired since the attack. Aldo eventually asked Black Davy to help spread the word about Njord’s Blessing. Black Davy promised to tell the tale about “the only ship to face mine and survive” to help Aldo with recruits.

After Black Davy and crew departed, Njord’s Blessing continued towards Ruhnahiem. When they got to the coat, there weren’t any ports that they could see, so they travelled down the coast until they got to the nearest port in Ryelle.



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