A message from the dungeon master:
Hello Visitor. I am deadseid. My real name is Ben, and I run this campaign.
You wouldn’t be able to tell from the state of disrepair this site is in, but this campaign is still running! We celebrate our fifth year today. (April-ish)
At some point a few years back, my sister, who provided much of the artistic design of this campaign site, ran out of time to devote here. Shortly thereafter, I found that working on this site was eclipsing the time i had to work on the campaign! So I too, stopped providing adventure logs. As it turns out, the players don’t really even have an interest in maintaining the logs themselves. Obsidian Portal has changed quite a bit since I first joined. With lack of maintenance, this page has fallen into a sorry state indeed.

So what I want to tell everyone; players, visitors, and fans that have favorited the campaign, I will one day clean this site up, and try to recap the epics that have been woven by my outstanding group. This campaign has had its hiccups and its breaks, but rest assured it is still running strong. This is the best group I have ever had the pleasure to dungeon master for, and I have a feeling we will be playing this game for another five years, and perhaps even another after that. Hopefully I will have been able to kill Aldo by then.

Thanks for following!

There are black zones of shadow close to our daily pass…

And now and then, some evil soul breaks a passage through…

When that happens, the man who knows must strike -

Before reckoning the consequences.

-H. P. Lovecraft “The Thing on the Doorstep”

The land teems with fertile life. The kingdoms of man have dominated the land, and have prospered so for untold milennia. But under the facade of lush fertile growth and chivalry of men, a growing darkness looms. The world is becoming ever more violent by the day. New hideous beings spring forth from the darkness- unspeakable horrors that should never have been.

But is Evil all it really seems? Is there truly such a thing? If Good and Evil are classified on a scale of White and Black, then what of Gray? Some will realize their destiny. Some will fall from grace. Some will find themselves trying to save the world. Others may wish it destroyed; collapsing in upon itself as it’s denizens struggle to consume each other.

The time will come when you will decide your fate. The survival of the very stone we tread upon may one day fall on you. Will you be prepared for that ultimate challenge?


The Land of Corra

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